The Neutrino: Doomed from Inception

von David de Hilster

The Neutrino: Doomed from Inception
18th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference, July 2011

Neutrino existence has been embraced by numerous scientists with new theories despite grave problems. It appears to have desirable characteristics for many new theories. Yet, if scientists with new theories were to study the origin and evidence for neutrinos, they would discover neutrino existence as a folly:


This is all due to the neutrino’s direct link to its progenitor: special relativity. If special relativity is wrong, then its bastard son the neutrino cannot exist. This paper reports some of the work of Argentinean physicist, Ricardo L. Carezani.

1. Introduction
Independent scientists with new theories are attracted to the neutrino for two basic reasons: 1) They pursue something in mainstream physics that could be identified as the particle to explain electromagnetic transmission or gravity. 2) They believe they add credibility to their theory by explaining more of the universe – in this case, neutrinos. A theory explaining neutrinos is better than one that does not, so they think.

For these reasons, scientists working outside the mainstream, normally quite sceptical about anything mainstream, forego verifying the neutrino’s existence. But despite the allure, the neutrino is doomed to non-existence from its inception, and a growing number of scientists argue that neutrinos, in fact, do not exist.


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