The True Meaning of Einstein’s Relativity

von Robert F. Beck

The True Meaning of Einstein’s Relativity
Robert F. Beck

the general science journal, 2012 – Webseite

Abstract: This paper examines the extent to which an interpretation of Einstein’s relativity suggested in The Special Theory of Reality might provide clearer answers in areas such as gravity, quantum mechanics, string theory and particle physics generally. The extent to which the simple concepts of rings of tiny particles and rings of such particles becoming spirals suggest explanations and solutions in the area of particle
physics specifically is explored and explanations suggested for all four fundamental forces. Most significantly, a description and unrealized properties of the Higgs boson are presented, and explanations are suggested for the very nature of quantum mechanics and string theory in the context of what is suggested as the true meaning of relativity. An explanation for the significance of specific frequencies in new energy and health technologies is also suggested.

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