New frontiers in relativities – New frontiers in physics

von Tepper L. Gill 

New frontiers in relativities
New frontiers in physics
Tepper L. Gill

Die Forschungsgruppe G.O. Mueller nimmt in ihrer Dokumentation Über die absolute Größe der Speziellen Relativitätstheorie (Textversion 2.1 – Juni 2004) diese Arbeiten von Tepper L. Gill auf: 


1996 New frontiers in relativities 

New frontiers in relativities: Proceedings of the International Workshop on New Frontiers in Theoretical Physics, Monteroduni, Molise, Italy, August 9-12, 1995 / Ed.: Tepper G. Gill. – Palm Harbor, FL, USA: Hadronic Pr. 1996. 450 S. (Series on new frontiers in advanced physics / Istituto per la Ricerca di Base, Monteroduni, Italy)
Sammelband mit kritischen Beiträgen der Autoren: T. L. Gill et al., C. I. Mocanu, R. M. Santilli, H. E. Wilhelm 

1996 New frontiers in physics 

New frontiers in physics: proceedings of the International Workshop on New Frontiers in Physics, held at the Istituto per la Ricerca di Base (IRB), at the Castello Principe Pignatelli, Monteroduni (IS), Italy, August 9-12, 1995; [Vol. 1-2] / ed. by Tepper L. Gill. – Palm Harbor, Fla.: Hadronic Pr. 1996. 320, 356 S. 

Vol. 1, preface (S. V): 

A fundamental mission of the IRB is to investigate methods and problems that extend beyond the boundaries set by the special and general relativity theories. […] The importance of such studies becomes obvious even for the uninitiated when we realize that special relativity, for example, is not valid in water w(h)ere high speed electrons can travel faster than light. From a basic scientific and methodological point of view, deeper problems arise when we note that all studies of basic hadronic structures have been conducted as if the special theory of relativity holds inside a hadron. This has been done in the past without any experimental investigation into the validity of such an assumption.“ 

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