The True Nature of Einstein’s Relativity

von Roger J. Anderton

The True Nature of Einstein’s Relativity
Roger J. Anderton
2012, 19th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference, Albuquerque, NM, United States
2012, Relationship between Newtonian and Einsteinian Physics, United States 

In 1919 Einstein supposedly revolutionized physics. However, Einstein’s calculation for light bending was based on Newtonian physics. So really in 1919 it was a confirmation
of Newtonian physics by Eddington. The News media prematurely jumped onto the story and misrepresented it as a new theory overthrowing Newtonian physics. This emphatically was not the case. Ideally the scientists should have debated Eddington’s result before it was reported to the news media. But since the news media were now portraying it as a revolution in physics, scientists were then banned from debating whether it was a new theory overturning Newtonian physics. Thus the News media misrepresentation of it being a new theory was allowed to continue along with the myth of Einstein’s genius. With the adoption of General Relativity then came the adoption of Special Relativity, but that theory was also really just a misrepresentation of Newtonian physics. There was in fact no evidence then and there is still no evidence now for Einstein’s relativity to be a new theory of physics replacing Newtonian physics. An accident occurred in 1919 where the adoption of a new theory (of General and Special Relativity) took place based on there being no evidence for it.




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