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The Home of Natural Relativity and Natural Gravity
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PREFACE:  This site is expected to be of extraordinary interest to all physicists, ex-students of physics and any others with a real interest in Relativity, who may NOT believe,  or even DO believe, what they have been told about space and time distortions, an absolute limiting velocity, a transverse(!) Doppler effect, etc. in Einstein’s Special Relativity (SR) and General Relativity (GR) theories.

These turn out to be mistaken ideas, due to his assumptions regarding the velocity of light and the sources of relativistic effects, as proved by the facts that they cause the relativistic changes predicted by SR to be CONTRADICTORY or offend undisputed laws of physics.

Fundamental physics tries to be an exact science, yet, using SR values, the two physics equations for energy predict contradictary values in a moving frame of reference! That does not make sense (and both predictions are wrong!). To achieve compatability, logic insists that


This causes most of SR and GR to be utterly wrong in moving frames, and their distortions of space and time are necessary consequences of attempting to fit Nature to the theory (the opposite of the normal process of improving a theory to fit Nature). There is proof, as is shown on this site.



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