Back to Newtonian Time?

von Thomas E. Phipps Jr.

Back to Newtonian Time?
Thomas E. Phipps Jr.

Physics Essays, Volume 22, No. 2, pp. 124-134, 2009

Abstract: An alternative approach to relativistic physics is reviewed, based on an invariant formulation of electromagnetic field theory due to Hertz. Both electromagnetism and mechanics are shown to be subject to reformulation whereby true invariance replaces „universal covariance.“ The invariant feature of Einstein’s
theory, proper time, is retained, but is supplemented for convenience in describing many-body motions by a generalized form of frame time termed „collective time“ (CT), patterned on Global Positioning System (GPS) time. CT resembles Newton’s absolute time in regard to environmental independence, but is shown to satisfy a form of relativity principle. A crucial experiment is described involving accurate measurement of stellar aberration at second order by means of the Very Long-Based Interferometry (VLBI) system. This would decide definitively between the Hertz and Maxwell-Einstein formulations of electromagnetism. Another experiment that I proposed earlier,3 involving in-orbit light speed measurement, is disavowed, since I now recognize it as not crucial. This paper sums up a half-century of my dissident thinking in physics and forms a concluding testament.

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  1. Prof. Dr. E.W. Kaucher

    As long as such small corrections are publiched the etsblished SRT and GRT believers and fanatiquers will not see that they run from year to year deeper into a crasch. But Mr. Phipps deos his best and has recognized that this Einstein Theories have some useful sides but also contradict piecewise itself. I was looking for invarints with respect to the changing scales in GRT. The POUND-REBKA experiment is not a prove for the GRT but a wonderful prove for some inconsistencies in GRT. If one formulates this experiment mathemtically but also with respect to the devices and is measuring then it shows that the devices itself depend on the time dilatation and thus the photons have absolutely no red shift. I.e. the POUND REBKA experiment proves clearly that photons pass gravitational fields without any influnce, no red shift, no bending, nothing (Sorry Mr. Einstein). All these observations can be mathimaticel explained by pure newtonian physics. E.g. light bending or red shifting is effected only by some refraction effects in the huge plasma spheres of the stars, even the black holes can be explained in this way.The P-R-experiment proves that the explanation of black holes are false. This will be in the long the end of the fabulous astrophysic. E Kaucher, University prof. mathematics

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