Empirical Verification of Time Dilation in Special Relativity

von Harry H. Ricker III

Empirical Verification of Time Dilation in Special Relativity
Harry H. Ricker III

18th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference
July 2011, University of Maryland, College Park, USA

Abstract: This paper takes a look at the interpretations of the physical concepts of time in special relativity, which is usually interpreted in terms of time dilation. The usual understanding of the theory is that the postulate of the constancy of light velocityimplies a change in the structure of space and time, or as it is usually termed „space-time“. This interpretation is reassessed from a different viewpoint and it is found that with respect to the experimental evidence, the interpretations given within the context of special relativity are not logically consistent or supported by the facts of experiments or by engineering practice in the GPS system. The failure to find a clear and convincing argument which connects the postulates of special relativity with the experimental facts shows that the theory has no substantial empirical verification and should be rejected.

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