Problems in Special Relativity

von Ian McCausland

Problems in Special Relativity
Ian McCausland

Wireless World, Volume Oct, pp. 63-65, 1983

Arguments that have been used to defend the specialtheory of relativity against criticism contain many inconsistencies. These problems should be thoroughly and objectively examined by scientists and philosophers to attempt to ascertain the truth of the matter.

Ever since Einstein’s special theory of relativity became a prominent part of physics, it has been a subject of some controversy. One of the foremost critics of the theory was the late Herbert Dingle (1890-1978), who spent much of his time and energy during the last two decades of his life in trying to persuade the scientific world that the special theory, although mathematically valid, contains an inconsistency in its physical application. Although most scientists seem to be convinced that the controversy stirred up by Professor Dingle’s criticisms has been conclusively settled in favour of the theory, a close examination of the relevant literature shows many inconsistencies in the arguments by which the special theory has been defended. The present article does not attempt to settle the matter; in fact it shows that the issue has not yet been satisfactorily settled. It is hopedt hat scientistsa nd philosophers may be encouraged to continue the search for the truth of the matter, whatever it may be. […]

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