Failure of the Relativistic Hypercone

von Steven Bryant und Glenn Borchardt

Failure of the Relativistic Hypercone
Steven Bryant – Glenn Borchardt
2011, 18th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference, College Park, MD, United States

Einstein built relativity theory using two foundational shapes; the spherical wave and the hypercone. In 1922, he created the hypercone by defining l , or light-time, as l = ct . Conceptually and mathematically, Einstein used light-time l as a replacement for Time t in his derivation. Here we find that light-time l is actually a measure of Distance, not
Time, because the result of a Velocity multiplied by a Time is always a Distance. Because Time and Distance cannot be used interchangeably, Einstein’s mistreatment of light-time as both a Time and a Distance invalidates his hypercone concept and the resulting mathematical and theoretical conclusions.

While a critical mistake, it also represents a cornerstone characteristic that permeates Relativity theory: The objectification of Time – or the treatment of Time as if it were a Distance. This objectification of Time, which is actually a measure of motion, has led to incorrect theoretical conclusions for over a century.

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