General Transformations of Space and Time according to Aether Theory

von Joseph Levy  

General Transformations of Space and Time
according to Aether Theory
Joseph Levy 

arXiv:1003.1953, v1 9 March 2010, v2 18 November 2010, Subject class: General physics, 24 pages, 5 figures.  

Abstract: Assuming the existence of a preferred aether frame and the anisotropy of the one-way speed of light in platforms different from the aether frame, we derive the
space and time transformations relative to bodies moving in any direction of space and not only in the direction of the common x-axis of the co-ordinate systems under consideration. Taking for granted length contraction and clock retardation, we show that the experimental space-time transformations result from measurement distortions due to the fact that the length of the rods and the frequency of the clocks, used for the measure, do not have a constant value as a result of their motion through the aether, and because the standard synchronization procedures are affected by a synchronism discrepancy effect. When the motion of bodies is aligned along the common x-axis, the transformations assume the same mathematical form as the conventional transformations. However, their meaning is quite different because they have been derived on the basis of very different assumptions, and they arise from the measurement distortions mentioned above. Therefore they conceal hidden variables which are the true transformations.

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