The Michelson-Morley „No Ether Winds thus No Ether“ Verdict

von Menahem Simhony 

The Michelson-Morley „No Ether Winds thus No Ether“ Verdict
and its Impact on Replacing Physical Explanations
by Calculative and Postulatory Trickery
Menahem Simhony 

In: EPOLA: A New Approach to the Fine Structure of Matter and Space 

1. The Physical Results of the Michelson-Morley (M&M) Experiments.   In 1887, A.A.Michelson (1852-1931) and E.W.Morley (1838-1923) published the results of their
very precise measurements of the effect of direction on the speed of light emitted by earthly sources. The measurements were made in the direction of earth’s motion around the sun, in a direction opposite to earth’s motion, and in directions perpendicular to earth’s motion. They were repeated at various seasons, during several years, at increasing accuracy, and showed that 

the speed of light is undoubtedly one and the same in all directions.  

This is the one and only direct physical result of the measurements. We may generalize this direct result to say that 

the velocity of light, emitted in our space by an atomic body,
is independent of the velocity of the emitting body

The secondary result follows from the direct result, and tells them, who „know“ that the velocity of a moving vehicle adds to the velocity of objects thrown from the vehicle, them who therefore believe that the velocity of the emitter of light „must“ add to the velocity of light, that 

the velocity of an atomic emitter of light
does not add to the propagation velocity of light in our space

The tertiary result tells them, who „know“ that material bodies and media are dense and continuous, them who therefore believe that motion of bodies in a material medium, carrying the light-waves, „must“ push, pull, bulldoze, or otherwise cause winds in the medium, that 

motion of atomic bodies in the light-carrying medium (if any)
does not make winds in it



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