Does Faraday Allow Superposition?

von Ivor Catt

Does Faraday Allow Superposition?
Ivor Catt

2011, 18th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference, College Park, MD, United States

The speed of an electric current has always been a matter for discussion. This went nowhere while it was not realized that the energy delivered from a battery to a lamp traveled at the speed of light. Traditionally, it involved both electricity and traveling
field. Linking this with the idea that electrons traveling at the speed of light would have infinite mass, a crisis for electricity which became clearer with the advent the pulses in digital electronics was evaded for the next half century. Ever more glaring flaws in this misalliance in classical electromagnetism were pointed out during the last thirty years and ignored, culminating in the present very clear, simple exegesis, where two fields of opposite polarity travel together, one with current in one direction down each wire, superposed with the other with current in the opposite direction down the same wire.


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