Gravitation, Matter, and the Expanding Universe

von Henrik Vilhelm Broberg

Gravitation, Matter, and the Expanding Universe
Henrik Vilhelm Broberg
2011, 18th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference, College Park, MD, United States


The Lorenz and Einstein theories are here revisited from the perspective of our present pragmatic knowledge of the universe. The field of gravitation emerges in a chain of Lorenz transformations, while linking the micro cosmos of the particles to the macro
cosmos of the Universe. In this context, the precession of the Mercury orbit is reconfirmed as a consequence of the field itself.

The acceleration in the gravitational field is attributed to a flow velocity which covers up a subluminal deficit left by the world-lines in the Lorenz transformations in the direction towards singularities in the gravitational centers.

The nuclear force emerges as a local variety of gravitation in the micro-scales of the particles within the macro-scale of the Universe. In this context a revised Planck length returns a proper mass in the dimension of the nucleon quarks. From this follows also that force balance is achieved in the local fields of the electron. These examples indicate that the universe is functioning in a holographic way.

In the overall picture it seems to be the Arrow of Time which governs the development of the Universe, resulting in a general inflation in time, space and mass, as well as gravitation, while the mass-increase is offset by negative potential energy in the gravitational fields, thus allowing for a still ongoing avalanche creation of the Universe without any requirement for external energy.


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