Relativity replaced – ether found around earth

von Antonis N. Agathangelidis

Relativity replaced – ether found around earth
Antonis N. Agathangelidis

In: The General science journal, [datiert: 11.10.10] – 68 S.

Im  GOM-Projekt aufgenommen Beitrag: 2394 weitere kritische Veröffentlichungen zur Ergänzung der Dokumentation Textversion 1.2 – 2004, Kapitel 4:

Diese Arbeit wurde im General science journal bereits vorher in verschiedenen Teilen
und Versionen veröffentlicht.

S. 1: „In the Part I are exposed numerous and serious reasons to abandon Einstein’s Special and General Relativity Theories, as:

1) Lack of causality in SRT and GRT,
2) Usage of invalid axioms and principles („Invariance of the speed of light“, „Equivalence Principle“, „Mach’s Principle“),
3) Confusing theoretical mixing of SRT and GRT regions.
4) Theoretical-experimental failures of SRT-GRT on the speed of propagation of light,
5) Theoretical-experimental failures of GRT in atomic frequencies; GRT have failed: (i) in the Hafele-Keating experiment and also in GPS, and (ii) in the gravitational red-shift (additionally these GRTexplanations conflict each other),
6) The failure of GRT to detect the ‚far-distant-matter‘-influence i.e. Earth’s velocity relative to the ‚fardistant-matter-frame‘ by means of two GRT-effects: the ‚time-dilation‘ and the ’speed-of-light-variation‘ (Sagnac and Michelson-Gale experiments).

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