Special Relativity Theory versus Science Reality and Truth

von Satya Pal Asija     

Special Relativity Theory versus Science Reality and Truth (SRT v/s SRT)
(From Aristotle to Einstein Even To Date Same Folly
Rules the Paradigm of Special Relativity)
Satya Pal Asija
Natural Philosoph Alliance, 2009     

This paper and concomitant presentation trace the errors in special relativity to Aristotle more than two millennia ago and how with an unintended boost from an
Icon of Science Einstein himself, the paradigm that rules physics and indeed all science has been corrupted, which main stream science continues to follow blindly and even worship Einstein for it as a gesture of gratitude. How could the great scientist make such an error and why scientists still not have been able to fix it is an ever perplexing and baffling mystery, which I will try to demystify.     



In summary it is my position that science has gone wrong because of faulty science paradigm in reckless disregard for science, reality and truth. His then is the origin of the title SRT v/s SRT (Special Relativity Theory versus Science Reality and Truth). The only way to get back on track is to fix the paradigm itself, which can be the topic for another paper and/or presentation.     

Just as Aristotle intuitively concluded – heavier objects fall faster – we intuitively think clocks run slower deeper they are in the gravity field (closer to sea level), but Galileo’s Pendulum formula convinces us otherwise. The reason our intuition is just the opposite is due to the atmospheric effect which has opposite effect on the time period of the pendulum. We can rationalize and reconcile our intuition with reality by appreciating the opposite effect of temperature and pressure on the time period of the pendulum at sea level to that of gravity as temperature and length are directly proportional and each is opposite to gravity ‘g’. Likewise the effect of the pressure at sea level (due to greater resistance of heavier air) is also opposite of gravity effect on the pendulum or any other chronometer or time measurement method. Consequently one would be justified in concluding as follows.
– Clocks run slower, higher they are in weaker gravity field, especially at GPS level, where there is little atmosphere if any at all.
– Clocks run slower deeper they are in atmospheric (not gravity) field.
Perhaps our intuition is better than Einstein’s time dilation formula as it automatically and sub-consciously accounts for atmospheric effect and integrates with the time period of the pendulum near the surface of the earth.     

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