Dr Faustus of Modern Physics

von Claes Johnson

Dr Faustus of Modern Physics
Claes Johnson

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Back Cover (P. 233): Dr Faustus of Modern Physics

This book presents the Faustian drama of the transition from classical to modern physics at the turn to the 20th century, when leading scientists sacrificed basic
principles of rationality of classical science in order to save science from collapse when faced with certain seemingly intolerable paradoxes, and thereby rose to great fame.

The book is written as a tribunal against five accused: Boltzmann, Planck, Einstein, Bohr in physics and Prandtl in fluid mechanics, with the reader as judge. The accusations concern violation of the principles of rationality of causality and determinism, reality of space and time, well-posedness and logic.

The book presents evidence in the form of general background material, witnesses and confessions by the accused from the literature, and leaves to the reader to decide if crimes against science were committed and if so mitigations can be found.

The book addresses the following questions: What was the nature of the sacrifice? Was it a crime? Is the crime repeated in education today? Are we being brainbwashed to give up rationality? What was the motivation to give up rationality? Why did Einstein never accept giving up causality and determinism? What are the consequences today? Are there other solutions of the paradoxes which do not require giving up basic principles of rationality?

The book is directed to a general audience using a non-technical language without mathematical notation. 

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