G.O. Mueller: Chapter 9 – The Thought Experiment

von G.O. Mueller

Seit 2009 haben wir hier als Ergänzung zum G. O. Mueller Forschungsprojekt: „Über die absolute Größe der Speziellen Relativitätstheorie“ das Kapitel 9 in deutscher Sprache: „Das Gedankenexperiment“ gebracht. Jetzt hat das Forschungsprojekt eine englisch-sprachige Übersetzung dieses Kapitels vorgelegt:

On the Absolute Magnitude of the Special Theory of Relativity
Chapter 9 – The Thought Experiment



The undertaking of this translation we owe to the initiative and the generosity of Mr. Ekkehard Friebe, representative of our project to the public together with Ms. Jocelyne Lopez. Mr. Friebe provided the financial means and organized the cooperation with Mr. Bronrowan. After our first publications in English in 2006 with a short introduction into our project and the “First Open Letter” to some 290 personalities in 11 countries we intend now to provide a deeper insight into the motives of the project, the understanding of the peculiar circumstances in Germany and our decisions made during the realization. Chapter 9 tries to give an interim balance of our activities.

With the publication of this English version we hope to extend the reach of our project and especially the understanding of what we call our Thought Experiment: an experiment about the effects of critical thoughts on the society.

We decided to present this chapter to the international public without any editing of the German text which was written for a German public and published in May 2009. Although it referenced some German actualities in autumn 2008 (pp. 14 – 23) which an international public of 2012 will not be familiar with, this will not hinder the full understanding of our reasoning and our activities.

Ninety years of suppression (1922 – 2012) of all criticism of the theory of special relativity – in the published media as well as in the education system from high school to university – are a catastrophe for the critics as individuals and for the society as a whole.

The society still has to learn about its mental state in the catastrophe of relativity.

We critics have to show a way out. One attempt is our Thought Experiment.

G. O. Mueller

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