The Return of Common Sense: The Demise of Relativity

von Robert L. Henderson

The Return of Common Sense: The Demise of Relativity
Robert L. Henderson

Common Sense Press, 1992 – Amazon


It is the writer’s contention that the concepts of relativity have been an impediment to the rational progress of science for the last hundred years. Although it has always been assumed that the scientific process was based on sound, verified facts, systematically
accumulated and woven into a tapestry of rational, understandable knowledge, such has not been the case since the inception of relativity. 

Whereas relativity attempts to explain the properties of light propagation with mysterious contradictions of physical dimensions and time rates-of-flow, and properties of gravity with the so-called „space-time curvatures,“ it is shown in this book that these explanations do not portray the physical universe in a rational manner. 

In place of the irrational explanations of relativity, it is shown that only the properties of a universal medium in the form of an energy field – previously assumed to be the light-conducting „luminiferous ether“ – can rationally explain the phenomenon of light and gravity. Furthermore, it is shown how this same field provides explanations for nuclear binding forces, nuclear energy, radioactivity, the origin of matter, and the macroscopic configuration of the universe as well. 

In addition, it is shown that the so-called „Big-Bang“ theory of the expanding universe is ill conceived and that only a steady-state cosmology can rationally account for the observed configuration of the universe. 

This book is written primarily for the general public; only a high school education is required to understand it completely. Although some elementary mathematics is incorporated, it is only included as an adjunct to verbal explanations which are understandable in themselves. 


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