Debunking Relativity – Exposing the Weird Science

von Srinivasa Rao Gonuguntla

Aus der umfangreichen Webseite von Srinivasa Gonuguntla Debunking Relativity:

Miscellaneous ‘evidence’

Every observed phenomenon that is claimed as proof of relativity can be explained by simple reasoning based on classical physics. But the religion of relativity has mesmerised the scientific minds and spoiled the intelligent community. Spoilt by relativity, scientists now believe only in weird phenomena/interpretations and they don’t like to see or accept things as they are.


GPS and Relativity

Mesmerised by the relativity ‘witch’, lay people and scientists alike repeatedly claim that GPS systems do not work accurately unless the time dilation phenomenon of relativity is taken into account.

The observation is- there is difference in the time recorded by the satellite clock and the earth based clock.

According to the religion of relativity, this difference in the time between the two clocks is due to the phenomenon of Time dilation. Relativity assumes that it is the Time that gets affected by gravity/motion (but not the clocks).

The more sensible argument is- Time as such runs the same everywhere but it is the Clocks that get affected by gravity/motion. So the clocks tick differently in different gravitational fields despite the Time running same everywhere; and hence is the above observed difference.

Luckily, the time correction (for the GPS systems) remains the same whichever way one thinks.

Time and space are nonmaterial concepts and clocks (including the atomic clocks upon which the relativists swear) are material things. So how can gravity affects the nonmaterial concepts and not affect the material things? So relativity and time dilation are ridiculous. […]



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