Proof relativity is illogical

von John T. Nordberg

Proof relativity is illogical
John T. Nordberg

2003 ca., 4 S.
aus der Webseite von John T. Nordberg

Aufgenommen von der Forschungsgruppe G.O. Mueller in der Ergänzung des Kapitels 4 der Dokumentationen des GOM-Projekts:  2394 weitere kritische Veröffentlichungen:

Most scientific theories are supported inductively. While hundreds of experiments might seem to support a theory, it takes only one argument or experiment to prove a theory wrong. There are hundreds of physical experiments that match the predictions of Relativity. This does not mean Relativity has been „proven“ or is a logically correct theory. For example, many of the so-called „proofs“ of Relativity also could be described as „proving“ the Ball-of-Light Particle Model.

This page provides a real — rock-solid — proof that Relativity contains a circular definition that is illogical and unresolvable. Relativity can not withstand this illogical circular definition. An alternative theory is needed to replace Relativity and explain the same observed physical phenomena.

[The alternative to Special Relativity is the Speed of Light Definition of Time. The alternative to General Relativity is the Ball of Light Particle Model. The Ball-of-Light Particle Model describes elementary particles and atomic nuclei as standing spherical waves of electromagnetic energy that create a central-pointing force called gravity. John T. Nordberg]

There are many areas of physics that are heatedly debated. But there is one area that seems fundamental and currently undisputed. That is the area of Basic Units.


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