Einstein and modern physics

von Nevile Martin Gwynne

Einstein and modern physics
N. Martin Gwynne
e-book, Riverview Arthurstown New Ross Co. Wexford Ireland


1. Introduction to Modern Physics
2. Introduction to Albert Einstein
3. The Prelude to Relativity

4. Introduction to Relativity Theory
5. Some Opposition to Relativity Theory
6. Professor Dingle
7. Simple Hoax and Elaborate Fraud
8. Einstein’s Originality
9. Einstein’s Renown
10. Einstein’s Impact
11. “Much Mathematics Has Made Them What They Are”

Appendix 1. Dr. Louis Essen on Einstein
Appendix 2. Some Revelations by Lord Snow on the Development of Modern Physics
Appendix 3. More on Paradoxes
Appendix 4. The Breach with Science from 1600 A.D. Onwards
Appendix 5. Nuclear Physics
Appendix 6. The Myth of the Atom
Appendix 7. A Modern Scientific Periodical Unwittingly Confirms Science Digest article of Aug 85 by M. D. Lemonick

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