Experimental refutation of special relativity

von Frank G. Pearce

Experimental refutation of special relativity
Frank G. Pearce
In: The general science journal. 2000 – 3 S.

Die Forschungsgruppe G.O. Mueller nimmt in der Ergänzung des Kapitels 4 ihrer Dokumentation 2394 weitere kritische Veröffentlichungen diese Arbeit von Frank G. Pearce auf:


I have now had time to review your Internet site and find it to be quite interesting. Yet, given infinite time, reconciliation of STR by logic must eventually fail. This is why I choose not to debate STR, but to devise a definitive experiment to demonstrate that it is in fact, interacting, mass-generated fields, that provide the medium for light transmission. This, of course, is music to STR opponents ears since it harkens back to the „luminiferous aether.“ Yet, I am not discussing a ubiquitous „aether“ here, but the interaction of fields, including solar and terrestrial. Not only is this method logical, but it allows the observation of stellar aberration as well as the null results of such experiments as Michelson/Morley.

Rather than spend the balance of my life attempting to convince those who will not be convinced by words and logic, I have devised an experiment that will show unequivocally, that the principles of STR are in error. In fact, I have asked recognized STR authorities whether such an experiment -assuming the results are as I predict – would have any relevance to STR proponents. The answer, quite surprisingly, is that such experimental results would be a serious problem for STR. I have considered this experiment now for about 10 years since drafting my initial work on interacting field media for light transmission. Fortunately, the experiment can be carried out without the blessing of the established physics community, NASA, etc.



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