Proof of the falsity of the special theory of relativity

von Erik J. Lange

Proof of the falsity of the special theory of relativity
last revision: 11.12.2006
Erik J. Lange

In: The General science journal. 2007 – 6 S. 

Die Forschungsgruppe G.O. Mueller nimmt in der Ergänzung des Kapitels 4 ihrer Dokumentation 2394 weitere kritische Veröffentlichungen diese Arbeit von Erik J. Lange auf:

Short introduction

Today (1999) the theory of relativity by Albert Einstein is still a generally accepted theory. Although there have been raised a number of objections against the theory since its first publication in 1905, none of these have been able to convince the scientific community of the falsity of the theory.

On philosophical, mathematical and empirical grounds, there are nevertheless many valid objections against the theory to be found. This article focuses on two of these, in an analysis of a popular derivation of the Lorentz transformation according to the theory of special relativity and by means of a philosophical argument showing a contradiction between the two postulates of special relativity.

The purpose of Einstein’s theory was to create a system of equations which would describe the transformation of co-ordinates from one reference frame to another. Hereby the two reference frames have a relative velocity v with respect to each other, and the co-ordinates to be transformed, describe the movement of the front of a light signal which is supposed to have a velocity c with respect to all uniformly moving reference frames.

The general opinion at the time was that one could conclude from experiments, that light (in vacuum) would always have the same (measured) constant velocity, irrespective of the velocity of the observer.

Because this was in contradiction with classical relativity according to Newton, there had to be thought up a new theory which would unite classical relativity with the constancy of the speed of light. This resulted in special relativity theory.



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