The Einstein Hoax: the disastrous intellectual war on common sense

von H. E. Retic

The Einstein Hoax: the disastrous intellectual war on common sense
H.E. Retic (Pseudonym: heretic)

West Caldwell, NJ: H. E. Retic Co. [Selbstverlag] 1997. 215 S. Google-books
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Die Forschungsgruppe G.O. Mueller nimmt in der Ergänzung des Kapitels 4 ihrer Dokumentation 2394 weitere kritische Veröffentlichungen diese Arbeit von H.E. Retic auf:

Chapter 1 – Introduction

1.1- As a young man, the author had sufficient arrogance to believe that, while a lack of time prevented an individual from understanding all of Nature, there was no aspect of Nature that could not be understood at the intuitive level by a reasonably intelligent and adequately motivated individual.

As a result the statements which appeared in the texts of the time that the effects defined by the Special and General Theories of Relativity were beyond such an understanding and could only be treated by mathematical manipulations were a challenge. Inherently, mathematics is a science of how much and not of how come, and it was the how come that the author wished to understand. To meet that challenge, the author proceeded to study the concepts involved with the good faith belief that they had been well thought out and well verified by men far better trained and wiser than himself. However, the deeper the author probed, the more disillusioned he became. It became more and more apparent that the effects represented were quite easily understood at the intuitive, or common sense, level and that the reason that they appeared mysterious was that those who purported to be experts did not actually understand the subject matter and that their assertions of its incomprehensibility were rationalizations to cover their own limitations. It turns out that the subject matter is readily understood by anyone with a good ability to visualize physical reality and who is familiar with Physics and Calculus at the college freshman level.

1.2- The author’s initial confusion resulted from the fact that, while Special Relativity was presented as the epitome of physical wisdom, initially it was impossible for him to find a meaningful distinction between it and the Lorentz Transformation-Aether Theory which had preceded it by two years. It finally dawned on the author that the Special Theory of Relativity was actually the Lorentz Transformation-Aether Theory without the constraint imposed by the requirement of an absolute velocity reference (the Aether). Then, contrary to the rules of evidence which would be employed in a court of law, the academic community forced the acceptance of the idea that, since both theories had demonstrated that our absolute velocity through space could not be observed, the Aether had no significance and was not to be used as the basis for a physical theory. This position was taken even though Dr. Einstein had maintained a belief in absolute time (equivalent to a belief in the existence of the Aether) for about 25 years after Special Relativity had been published. He had also warned that the non-existence of the Aether had not been proven, what had been proven was that its use was not necessary in mathematical analyses of physical processes.

1.3- Both Special Relativity and the Lorentz Transformation-Aether Theory demonstrated that the observed velocity of light was independent of the velocity of its source. Therein lies the rub. Such a result is obvious if light is a wave propagating through a medium (the Aether). By abolishing the Aether, Special Relativity lost the velocity reference the Aether represented and asserted instead that light propagated as ballistic particles (photons) through empty space. Advocates of Special Relativity provided no explanation as to how Nature performed such a remarkable feat of speed control without using the Aether as a reference and instead, they strongly asserted that any doubts a questioner had resulted from his limited intellectual capacity rather than from a legitimate concern. That attitude has run into some trouble in recent years, observations of the radiation background of space have shown that the Earth has a velocity of 300 kilometres per second with respect to that background, and experiments by quantum physicists have demonstrated that our absolute velocity through space can be measured in the laboratory. As we shall see, these observations make an overwhelmingly strong argument for the validity of the Lorentz Transformation-Aether Theory and the artificiality of the Special Theory of Relativity.



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