The Theory of Relativity is Absolutely Wrong

von Emil Dimitrov Gigov

The Theory of Relativity is Absolutely Wrong
Emil Gigov

In: the general science journal, Dec. 2011


In the Nature exist countless facts, whereas only thing backing relativity is the hypothesis, that the speed of light is invariant universal constant. However this
hypothesis is meaningless, because it is clear that there exist superluminal velocities and absolute quantities. In this case, the Theory of relativity is arbitrary and wrong. This has been mentioned by many true scientists, such as Rutherford, Soddy, Michelson, Sagnac, Lenard, Larmor, McMillan, Tesla, Tsiolkovsky and others, unlike the modern physics. As regards so-called relativistic proofs, they are mostly imaginary and hidden. For example, black holes are hidden under a layer of luminous atmosphere, gravitational lens is hidden in the atmospheric lens, gravitational redshift of a star is hidden in the Compton effect, mass of an electron is hidden in the mass of the beam, Lorentz contraction is hidden in stellar aberrational contraction etc. Also, the relativistic navigational system GPS, actually works in accordance with classical physics, because there is a privileged coordinate system, as well as disturbances in data, which are being corrected permanently by ground control stations.

The Theory of relativity can be described briefly as follows: Michelson’s experiment does not register the movement of Earth; space is empty; speed of light is invariant universal constant; flying vertical light-clock runs slower; flying horizontal light-clock is contracted; acceleration is gravity; everything is relative and depends on speed; teleportation exists. However this means that everything is chaos, but in Nature there is no chaos, nor yet teleportation, besides not everything is relative. Moreover, Michelson’s experiment is just one special case, whereas in the general case the speed of light is variable, for example in interferometer of Sagnac. It is unacceptable for a special case to be treated as a general case, because there exists many other special cases, i.e. the presence of a square doesn’t prove that everything is square.

Instead of facts, Theory of relativity is build of subjective contradicting hypotheses. Besides, Einstein equalizes different things and exchanges them arbitrarily, which brings chaos in the physics. Thus, an apple could become pear, because they are both fruit, however this is absurd. The apple is absolute, not relative and it is impossible to express an apple by means of pear. Mathematics allows such nonsense operations, but the real physics consists of facts and can be described without mathematics. The errors in a theory become visible even without complicated experiments, when the facts are being separated from the hypotheses and mathematics.



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