Albert Einstein, the incorrigible plagiarist

von Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Albert Einstein, the incorrigible plagiarist
Christopher Jon Bjerknes

in Episteme. An international journal of science, history and philosophy. Nr. 6, Parte 2. 2002, 21. Dez., ca. 3 S.
Rezension von Thomas E. Phipps, jr. 
Abdruck in: Infinite Energy Magazine. 2002, N. 47, 6. Oct.

Beitrag aus dem GOM-Projekt:  2394 weitere kritische Veröffentlichungen zur Ergänzung der Dokumentation Textversion 1.2 – 2004, Kapitel 4.

Bjerknes ist ein Gegner von Heiligenlegenden, das vorliegende Buch sein sechstes zur Demontage der Heiligenlegenden über Albert Einstein und seine Theorien.
Phipps verweist darauf, daß die Übernahme einer falschen Theorie von Vorgängern nichts an ihrer Falschheit („no-goodness„) ändert:

Another dilemma of the author in respect to special relativity is whether to concentrate his attack on the theory itself or on its creator. If the theory is no good and was in fact stolen by Einstein (or by Mileva) from predecessors, then it would seem the blame for this nogoodness should fall most heavily on the latter.

Error plagiarized is not error sanitized. Its provenance aside, Bjerknes clearly distrusts the special theory (as does the present reviewer); but the book makes little serious contribution to the comparatively vast (though little known and little regarded) literature of its logical criticism.“ […]

„Bjerknes shows that Einstein’s scientific publications reveal a lifetime pattern of similar magisterial behaviour. The absence of attributions in the 1905 paper was not a one-off occurrence. For example, I quote from page 231 of the book: „David Hilbert, on whom Einstein went calling for help, published the general theory of relativity before Einstein. Why after many years of failure, did Einstein suddenly realize, within a few days after David Hilbert’s work was public, the equations which Hilbert published before him, and then submit his, Einstein’s, identical formulations?“


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