Müller’s Experimental Disproof of Special Relativity

von Mitch Emery

Müller’s Experimental Disproof of Special Relativity
Mitch Emery

In Galilean Electrodynamics, Volume 22, No. 6Nov./Dec. 2011

It is well known that if a wire moves perpendicular to a magnetic field, a voltage is induced along the wire. Less known is the case in which a length of wire rotates together with a magnet, and a voltage is induced in spite of the absence of relative motion between the conductor and the magnet. Even less known is the special case of
Francisco J. Müller’s experiment [1], in which a voltage is induced when a conductor moves in a straight line together with a magnet, even though there is no relative motion between the two components. According to Müller, special relativity fails in an experiment that is at the heart of its domain of application, and general theory cannot come to the rescue.

Müller concludes we therefore need a new physics.


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