The mantra of theoretical physics: relativity reigns

von Roger A. Rydin

The mantra of theoretical physics: relativity reigns
Roger A. Rydin

In: The General science journal. 2010 – 14 S. 

Die Forschungsgruppe G.O. Mueller nimmt in der Ergänzung des Kapitels 4 ihrer Dokumentation 2394 weitere kritische Veröffentlichungen diese Arbeit von Roger A. Rydin auf:

S. 12: „Conclusions. – Special Relativity leads to all sorts of paradoxes, and has led to long discussions in the dissident community of what is exactly wrong with it.

In fact, so many errors have been made in the 1905 derivation, that we are wasting our time when it could be put to better use. General Relativity also contains a major error that led to singular solutions, when there aren’t any, but there are other errors in solutions and applications, including coupling space and time when it should not be coupled. Nonetheless, all the galaxy distribution data disagrees with the Big Bang as a model for motion in the universe. The Standard Model of particles is also deeply flawed, probably because it is formulated in terms of fields instead of potentials, and uses point particles. New models should be developed from first principles avoiding all of these old flawed theories, and then there will be no more Trouble with Theoretical Physics!“


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