International Injustice in Science

von Florentin Smarandache

International Injustice in Science
Letters to Progress in Physics
Florentin Smarandache

Chair of Math & Sciences Department, University of New Mexico, Gallup, NM 87301, USA – Editorial Board von Progress in Physics

Progress in Physics – Volume 3, 2008

In the scientific research, it is important to keep our freedom of thinking and not being yoked by others’ theories without checking them, no matter where they come from. Cogito, ergo sum (I think, therefore I am), said Descartes (1596–1650), and this Latin aphorism became his first principle in philosophy.

Inspired by D. Rabounski [1] and M. Apostol [2] I read more articles about injustices in science (for example [3]) and in arts and letters occurring in contemporary societies. The poet Plautus (254-184 B.C.) had once exclaimed that homo homini lupus (man is a wolf for man), so people make problems to people. In this short letter to the editor, I would like to list some inconvenient cases that manifest today:

There exist reviewing and indexing publications and institutes made just for a propagandistic way, and not reviewing all relevant literature on the topics, but reviewing their people and their ideas while ignoring, boycotting, denigrating, or discrediting other people and ideas. They exercise an international traffic of influence by manipulations and falsifications of information (such as biographies, history of events, etc.), discourage people for working on topics different from theirs, and use subversive techniques in their interest of hegemony in science, arts, and letters.

The science, art, and literature of the powerful are like that: If you don’t cite them, it is your fault as if you have not read them. However, if they don’t cite you, it’s your fault too as if you did not deserve to be cited because you have published in so-called by them “obscure publications”, even if these people have “borrowed” your idea without acknowledgement.

They categorize as “obscure, unimportant, not by establishment” those journals, publishing houses, cultural centers and researchers or creators that do not obey to them or that dare to be independent thinkers, in order that these people with power positions stigmatize them in the public’s eye (because they can not control these publications). While the publications and centers of research they control they proclaim as “the best”. The science/art & letters establishments continue to ignore or minimalize the research and creation done outside the establishment. It became a common procedure that people who control the so-called “high” publications abuse their power and they “take” ideas from less circulated publications and publish them in these “high” publications without citation, as their own ideas!

There are journals using hidden peer-reviewers that delay the publication until someone else from their house get credit for your paper’s ideas.

Secret groups and services ignore and even boycott personalities who are independent in thinking and don’t follow the establishment or don’t obey to them; they manipulate national and international awards in science, arts, literature, also they manipulate university positions, high research jobs, funding; they try to confiscate the whole planet’s thought by making biased so-called “reference sites” (as the self-called “encyclopedias”, “dictionaries”, “handbooks”, etc.) where they slander independent thinkers, while blocking other sites they don’t like; that’s why the whole human history of science, arts, letters has to be re-written; the search engines bring these “reference sites” amongst the first pages in a search, even they are not the most relevant to the search topic, and since most of the hurry readers browse only the beginning pages [they don’t spend time to look at all of them], it is a high probability that the populace is manipulated according to the biased information of these so-called “free” (just because they are not free!) reference sites; these groups try to confiscate the Internet at the global scale; always, during history, there were and unfortunately there still are intentions from some secret groups or services to dominate others. . .

They try to transform other countries in spiritual colonies by brain washing. Secret groups and services do not only politic, economic, or military espionage, but also scientific, artistic, literary manipulations in the profit of their people.

Unfortunately, big cultures continue to destroy small cultures and to delete the collective memory of small nations.

History is written by winners, says the aphorism, but this is not correct, history should be written by all parts. International organisms are created who unfortunately only serve the interests of a few powers, not of the whole world.

There are people believing they detain the absolute truth, and if somebody dares to have a different opinion from them, he or she is blacklisted, slandered, banned from various publications, etc.

The public opinion is provoked, manipulated through propaganda, publicity, dissemination by those who detain the power or control the mass media and the national and international awards, and these awards have been created in purpose to impose some people and ideologies.

There exist scientific, artistic, literary, or cultural associations/organizations whose hidden goal is to manipulate people in their propagandistic interest and indoctrinate them. The literature they start to send (after collecting your membership money!) reflects only their ideas and praise only their people, while ignoring or boycotting others’. Nolens volens (unwilling or willing) the “member” of such association becomes their spiritual slave. Consequently, you are yoked to this association’s propaganda. Better to be independent and not belonging to any association/organization.

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