SR Theory of Electrodynamics for Relatively Moving Charges

von James Keele

SR Theory of Electrodynamics for Relatively Moving Charges
James Keele

2009, 16th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference, Storrs, CT, United States

This paper summarizes the derivation of SRT electrodynamics laws for relatively moving charges. These laws are based on Coulomb’s Law and SRT, both of which have been basic in conventional physics for over 100 years. Relativists have determined an equation for the
transform of the electric field of a relatively moving electric charge. However, that transform is usually based on a transform of the Lorentz Force Law. Part of the Lorentz Force law was found to be unnecessary to derive the magnetic force on a stationary charge due to a moving charge. Several electrodynamics laws emerge from this transform: The “cardinal law” as described by Maxwell, the law for the force between slow relatively moving charges, the law between a stationary charge and a current element, similar to Gauss’s Law, and the old law for force between current elements as determined by Ampère in 1822. An experiment was performed to check on the validity of the old Ampère’s Law.



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