The Disturbing Truths About Large Hadron Collider

von Rati Ram Sharma

The Disturbing Truths About Large Hadron Collider
Rati Ram Sharma

Press Statement dated 15 September 2008 of Prof. Dr. Rati Ram Sharma Re: Large Hadron Collider

The 10 September was a great day. It saw the switching and inaugural injection of protons into the 26 Km ring of the Geneva based US$4 bn Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The LHC will ultimately collide beams of protons at 14 TeV energy. Beams of lead nuclei will also be
accelerated, smashing together with collision energy of 1150 TeV. The 10 September event was well publicized on TV channels and commented on in print media. Euphoric excitement was on the possibility of simulating the Big Bang, which, as the theory has it, some 15 billion years ago had instantly created the entire matter in the universe. Some feared it as a ‘dooms day’ and stressed on the possibility of the creation of micro black holes that would suck in the earth, moon and even the sun. But no body told or asked: Why LHC? What are ist objectives? What if those objectives are not achieved? Let us recapitulate the truths and also the projected untrue truths.

The theories of Physics and Cosmology follow a Standard Model comprising the basic physical concepts, which serve as mandatory guidelines. The validity or otherwise of any theory depends on that of ist Standard Model. The currently ‘main stream’ theories have their Modern Standard Model or MSM for short.

The MSM contains or rests on some conceptual pillars, whose doubtful strength or even existence is to be tested by the LHC. To test the MSM the LHC will primarily investigate the Higgs boson, the superpartners of the elementary particles and the wrapped up extra dimensions of space.



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