Analysis Of Einsteins Presentation of His Book on General Theory

von Vincent W. Carpenter

Analysis Of Einsteins Presentation of His Book on General Theory
Vincent W. Carpenter

2013, 20th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference, College Park, MD, United States

Part II of Einstein’s book, „Relativity, The Special And The General Theory, A Clear Explanation That Anyone Can Understand“, consists of twelve chapters or Sections as he called them, dealing with the evolution of his general theory. In this paper I go
through each one and follow up most of its main points with my comments and occasionally a question or two. My intent is to show how difficult it turned out to be for him to put his theory into words. I show how some of his problems were due to his inability to discipline the flow of his ideas into a manageable semblance of order. Others were due to his becoming confused in constructing a line of argument or being just plain wrong in some of his statements. But his main problem generally was that, while his title  promised „a clear explanation that anyone can understand“, much of his full theory was couched in difficult mathematics with which even he occasionally had Trouble.  A large part of my analysis addresses his success or lack of it in trying to bridge this difficult gap.



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