Breakdown of the special theory of relativity as proven by synchronization of clocks

von Koshun Suto

Breakdown of the special theory of relativity
as proven by synchronization of clocks
Koshun Suto
In: The General science journal. 2008 – 14 S.  

Aufgenommen im GOM-Projekt: 2394 weitere kritische Veröffentlichungen zur Ergänzung der Dokumentation Textversion 1.2 – 2004, Kapitel 4. 

Abstract:  In this paper, a hypothetical preferred frame of reference  SIGMA  is presumed,
and a thought experiment is performed in which the time of a clock on a rod moving at constant velocity relative to  SIGMA  is synchronized.

In relation to coordinate system of rod 1 moving at constant velocity v, when an observer at  SIGMA  and an observer on rod 1 attempt to predict the necessary synchronization of a clock of the coordinate system of rod 2 moving at constant velocity v?, because the relative velocity between  SIGMA  and rod 2 and the relative velocity between rod 1 and rod 2 are not the same, there will be a difference in the predictions of these two observers.

However, because the actual synchronization is done by the observer of rod 2, the predictions of the observer of  SIGMA  and the observer of rod 1 cannot both be correct.

In continuing the thought experiments until now of this paper, the coordinate system of  SIGMA,  which has not been actually proven to exist, is substituted for the coordinate system of the earth. From the perspective of isotropy of light propagation, it is considered acceptable to substitute  SIGMA  and the earth for the purposes of this thought experiment because it is not currently possible to differentiate between these two coordinate systems.

If we allow this substitution, it becomes possible to prove the existence of an inertial system in which a conflict arises between the predictions according to special theory of relativity and the actual experimental outcome.



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