The theory of dual relativity

von Emanuel Smejkal

The theory of dual relativity
Emanuel Smejkal

In: The general science Journal, 2003 – 3 S.

Aufgenommen im GOM-Projekt: 2394 weitere kritische Veröffentlichungen zur Ergänzung der Dokumentation Textversion 1.2 – 2004, Kapitel 4.

In the “Trivial Error in Einstein’s Relativity”, there is good reason for indignation by Arthur Bolstein. Regarding “The `Trouble` with Relativity” there is good reason for indignation by Marcus Coleman.

The paper, “Top Ten Problems with the Big Bang”. by Tom Van Flandern, from Meta Research, is consequential. Are their opinions true and are they advantageous? Is Theory of Relativity so flawed? In contrast, why do the official textbooks of science only eulogize and express uncritical admiration?

This is a great enigma, perhaps the greatest that ever existed. Where do we seek its solution? Shall we appeal to the net and the megabytes of criticism; content ourselves with what the critics say?

Allow me to say this. Let us try to see not only the problems with Relativity, but also its power! In the first instance, we should attempt to see both aspects of Relativity: potency as well as weakness, benefit as well as spite, truth as well as its blunder. To write about one face isn’t enough; we should to clarify both faces of Relativity.

We must find the right wording and repair. By repairing and specifying, perhaps we can compile a new theory, perhaps a Theory of dual Relativity. For a child to become an adult, it takes more than to criticize one’s granddad.

At the very beginning, it is most important to clarify what the Theory of relativity (TR) is and what it is not. TR isn’t a description of nature. It is tool only, to create a description. The mirror is also a tool. TR permitted us to see things, otherwise invisible. In order to determine the invisible or peculiar, TR is a “peculiar mirror” that distorts reality. Distorting is the greatest priority of TR, and also the greatest fault.



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