Neutrinos and Light Waves

von Jerrold G. Thacker

Aus der Webseite von Jerrold G. Thacker „Reinventing the Universe„:

Neutrinos and Light Waves
Jerrold G. Thacker

The CERN experiment suggesting that neutrinos travel faster than the speed of light

A compelling piece of evidence of the effect of gravity on the velocity of light comes from recent knowledge about neutrinos! These elusive, nearly massless particles can pass
through the earth without interacting with anything, and yet they exist in enormous numbers. A recent experiment seems to show that they travel faster than the speed of light!  Scientists at CERN, in an extremely accurate test, sent beams of neutrinos 454 miles through the earth to a highly sensitive neutrino detector in Italy. They repeated this experiment more than 16,000 times.  When all the possible errors had been accounted for, they found that the neutrinos had traveled 60 nanoseconds faster than the speed of light, considered impossible according to Einstein’s theory of relativity. Needless to say, this has rocked the scientific world.



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