The Sagnac Effect: Does it Contradict Relativity?

von Doug Marett

The Sagnac Effect: Does it Contradict Relativity?
Doug Marett

In: Conspiracy of Light, 2012

A number of authors have suggested that the Sagnac effect contradicts the original postulates of Special Relativity, since the postulate of the constancy of the speed of light is violated in rotating systems. [1,2,3] Sagnac himself designed the experiment of 1913 to prove the existence of the aether [4]. Other authors have attempted to explain the effect
within the theoretical framework of relativity, even going as far as calling the effect “relativistic”.[5] However, we seek in this paper to show how the Sagnac effect contravenes in principle the concept of the relativity of time and motion.  To understand how this happens and its wider implications, it is necessary to look first at the concept of absolute vs. relative motion, what the Sagnac effect implies about these motions, and what follows logically about the broader notions of space and time.




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