Bradley, Sagnac & Entrainment

von John-Erik Persson

Bradley, Sagnac & Entrainment
John-Erik Persson

2010, 17th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference, Long Beach, CA, United States

New interpretations are given to stellar aberration and Sagnac effect. By strict following the wave model for light it is demonstrated that the wave motion depends on the ether-wind in one dimension only. This means that we cannot describe wave motion by the vector sum of
ether-wind and wave velocity. Stellar aberration is therefore silent about the ether-wind, and the entrained ether is not ruled out. By utilizing the fact that the Sagnac effect can be locked in inside an optical fiber it is demonstrated that Sagnac effect is in reality a translational effect. The problem of synchronizing separated clocks forced Sagnac to use a rotating equipment to detect a translational effect. Together with the experiences from the Global Positioning System (GPS) we can find support for an ether that is entrained by our planet. Further confirmation can be found by detecting the ether-wind by translational equipment in a lab or in a satellite.



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