Journal Progress in Physics

Journal Progress in Physics

Journal edited by Dmitri Rabounski (Editor in Chief), Florentin Smarandache, Larissa Borissova, Stephen John Crothers

About the Journal

Progress in Physics is an American scientific journal, registered with the Library of Congress (DC, USA): ISSN 1555-5534 (print version) and ISSN 1555-5615 (online version). Our journal is peer reviewed and listed in the abstracting and indexing coverage of: Mathematical Reviews of the AMS (USA), DOAJ of Lund University (Sweden),
Zentralblatt MATH (Germany), Scientific Commons of the University of St.Gallen (Switzerland), Open-J-Gate (India), Referential Journal of VINITI (Russia), etc. Progress in Physics is an open-access journal published and distributed in accordance with the Budapest Open Initiative: this means that the electronic copies of both full-size version of the journal and the individual papers published therein will always be accessed for reading, download, and copying for any user free of charge. The journal is issued quarterly (four issues per year).



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