Big Bang Theory Wrong Again

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Big Bang Theory Wrong Again  
Lagest known quasar group or „object” confirms Alton Arps predictions

YouTube Video – veröffentlicht am 03.02.2013

Big Bang Theory (No, not the retarded hit TV show that confuses having a decent vocabulary with humor) takes another major hit as quasar cluster confirms Electric Universe/Plasma Cosmology predictions.

Huge LQG Quasar Group defies the given „Big Bang“ timeline (13.5 – 15 Billion „years“ ago) ONCE AGAIN proving redshift is neither an accurate measurement of age OR DISTANCE….

Thinly veiled in the report of this discovery is the admission that this ’structure‘ is indeed a ‚filament‘, consistent with the predictions of much maligned astronomer Halton Arp and the Electric Universe Hypothesis.

Zum YouTube Video…


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