Einstein Special Relativity Chaos and a View Beyond

von Henry G. Follingstad

Einstein Special Relativity Chaos and a View Beyond
Henry G. Follingstad

Could Einstein’s Special Relativity Theory (ESR) be wrong? It is the contention of Prof. Emeritus of Mathematics Henry G. Follingstad that ESR is replete with serious and fatal errors and must be abandoned. In Part I of his work (Einstein Special Relativity Chaos: ) Follingstad delivers a blow-by-blow analysis of all the stages of Einstein’s argument proposed in his original 1905 article. Three major mathematical-physical flaws in Einstein’s analysis result in forty-six consequent major errors which reduce ESR to a
static absurdity. Acknowledging that sometimes mathematics can give correct answers even with an invalid mathematical-physical basis, Follingstad examines how three of the equation systems in ESR actually give correct experimental results and mistakenly gave rise to assumptions that ESR was correct in all other aspects as well. In Part II of his work (A View Beyond) Follingstad offers an exciting alternative to ESR chaos. He gathers and synthesizes further evidence of additional flaws in ESR from numerous scholarly, scientific articles in world-wide publishing sources, which often provide alternative solutions to replace ESR. Buy a copy of Follingstad’s work and enjoy a well-reasoned challenge to a „sacred cow“ of modern physics!



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