Simple Assumption Errors Invalidated Relativity

von Neil E. Munch

Simple Assumption Errors Invalidated Relativity
Neil E. Munch
2008, 15th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference, Albuquerque, NM, United States

Some critical flaws resulting from inadequate control of assumptions are:

• Lorentz and Einstein inadvertently attributed the variability of an observed light path over some fixed length to the fixed length itself. That fixed length does NOT vary with observed
velocity; it’s the observed light path length which DOES vary per Lorentz-type transformations.. This critical error is irrefutably shown in a copy of parts of Einstein’s own 1905 text in the appendix to this paper. That led to other critical errors in Special Relativity. When corrected, we see that light speed c is reasonably constant when measured in the frame of its source; however its speed really is seen to be different when measured by a moving observer. The error in presuming variation in physical lengths resulted in incorrectly presumed increases in mass with velocity reaching infinity at light speed c. Those are also incorrect. It’s the light path length which varies and that has no discernable influence on mass.

• Einstein also assumed that elapsed time of that observed light travel varies; it does not, as explained here. So, there never has been a „twin paradox“ once assumptions are controlled.

• Minkowski based his „Space-time“ on assumptions that zero can equal one. Also that light can arrive before it leaves. Both are incorrect and hence his space-time concepts can also be rejected.

• Michelson-Morley’s experimental equipment was unable to recognize variability of observed c‘. That’s because its round-trip travel of light beams obscured the measurement of comparative light speeds.

• One simple method for improving assumption controls is suggested.



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