Cosmic Relativity: The Fundamental Theory of Relativity, its Implications, and Experimental Tests

von C. S. Unnikrishnan

Cosmic Relativity: The Fundamental Theory of Relativity,
its Implications, and Experimental Tests

C. S. Unnikrishnan
2004, Cornell University Library

In this paper I argue for a reassessment of special relativity. The fundamental theory of relativity applicable in this Universe has to be consistent with the existence of the massive Universe, and with the effects of its gravitational interaction on local physics.
 A reanalysis of the situation suggests that all relativistic effects that are presently attributed to kinematics of relative motion in flat space-time are in fact gravitational effects of the nearly homogeneous and isotropic Universe. The correct theory of relativity is the one with a preferred cosmic rest frame. Yet, the theory preserves Lorentz invariance. I outline the new theory of Cosmic Relativity, and its implications to local physics, especially to physics of clocks and to quantum physics. This theory is generally applicable to inertial and noninertial motion. Most significanlty, experimental evidence support and favour Cosmic Relativity. There are observed effects that can be consistently explained only within Cosmic Relativity. The most amazing of these is the dependence of the time dilation of clocks on their `absolute‘ velocity relative to the cosmic rest frame. Important effects on quantum systems include the physical cause of the Thomas precession responsible for part of the spectral fine structure, and the phase changes responsible for the spin-statistics connection. At a deeper level it is conlcuded that relativity in flat space-time with matter reiterates Mach’s principle. There will not be any relativistic effect in an empty Universe.



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