New Direct Test Proposed for Einstein’s Velocity Addition Formula

von Daniel R.  Wagner

New Direct Test Proposed for Einstein’s Velocity Addition Formula
Daniel R.  Wagner

2011, 18th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference, College Park, MD, United States

When the group velocity, as opposed to the phase velocity of light is measured, Einstein’s predictions for one-way light velocities in a transparent medium differ from Fresnel’s predictions by substantial amounts even at speeds as
low as our speed relative to the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (365,000 m/s). Calculations show that if Einstein is wrong, then a measurable light round-trip time difference will be found between clockwise and counterclockwise fiber optic light paths, where each light path has synthetic fused silica fiber in one direction and air-core fiber in the other direction. The magnitude of the difference will be a function of velocity of the experiment and observer (both the same) relative to a presently unknown preferred reference frame (i.e. a frame preferred by physics not by physicists for convenience). If the light round-trip time difference is measured on an oscilloscope and the length of the loops is about 1,000 m, then a speed as low as 365,000 m/s relative to the preferred reference frame can be detected.



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