The big bluff: Or is the „big bang cosmology“ going to collapse ?

von Hans J. Fahr

The big bluff: Or is the „big bang cosmology“ going to collapse ?
Hans-Jörg Fahr
Professor at the Institute of Astrophysics at the University of Bonn

Introduction to the cosmic crisis

Edwin Hubble, seduced by the voices of his contemporary astronomical colleagues, in 1929 published his data on redshifts of nearby galaxies in a highly suggestive form, namely as saying the world would explode in a homologous
manner yielding in all directions higher object escape velocities with larger distances. Though the huge mass of cosmology-relevant data collected in the times after Hubble’s important message from 1929 in the majority of cases, honestly said, did not satisfactorily support his early prediction, astronomers already had started to faithfully live with his „celestial message“ as with the holy mystery of our universe.

This produced the era of the „big bang cosmology“ lasting since then up to the present. All observational facts in astronomy since that time were turned such that they fitted into this cosmic ideology. Thus Alexandre Friedman different from Albert Einstein who first was proud to describe a static universe with his general field equations, tried to modify these equations untill they finally could describe an expanding universe. Then the cosmic background radiation at microwaves was detected and , inspired by the threatening views of atomic bomb explosions, was immediately celebrated as an echoe of the early hot phases of the exploding universe: Everything in astronomy thereafter appeared to be settled, solidified like the interior structure of a concrete building, comparable to times in physics before Max Planck detected that nature was discontinuous.




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  1. Wolfgang Lange

    Sehr geehrter Herr Prof. Fahr,
    am Institut für Astrophysik an der Universität Bonn,

    gestatten Sio bitte in Deutschland die Anrede eines Deutschen auf deutsch!!!

    Wie unser Außenminister A.D. Dr. Westerwelle richtig bemerkte, sollte in unserem Land mindestens zwischen Landsleuten deutsch kommuniziert werden. Oder legen Sie die Schriften von Prof. Minkowski und Heinrich Hertz, ehemals Mitarbeiter an Ihrer Universität jetz den Studenten auf englisch vor. Deutschland fehlt es haufenweise an Nationalstolz und Solidarität mit den eigenen Landsleuten. Sie werden auch von meinen Steuern bezahlt.

    Es gibt auch studierte Leute, die wenig oder gar kein englisch können.

    With best regards,

    Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Lange

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