How to Defeat Relativism

von Dimiter G. Stoinov

How to Defeat Relativism
Dimiter G. Stoinov

2010, 17th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference, Long Beach, CA, United States

Why have doubtful theories such as the special theory of relativity (SRT) withstood criticism for over 100 years? This paper concludes that SRT and the biggest fallacies in physics began to emerge the moment elementary particles
were attributed electric charge e = const. It further discusses the issue of so-called electromagnetic mass. In order to defeat relativism, we need a new theory of electromagnetic phenomena based on a more fundamental idea of electricity and magnetism, and the reason for interactions between elementary particles. Central to this theory is the concept of average charge e = const. This paper will show that in the case of the Kauffman experiment, mass remains constant, so that changing speed does not change mass, but rather the force which the electric and magnetic fields apply to elementary particles. This contradicts one of the most basic tenets of SRT.



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