Criticism of Relativity

von Lefteris Kaliambos

Criticism of  Relativity
Lefteris Kaliambos

in, Sept. 2013

In Google  you can see my papers according to which the laws and experiments of great physicists like Galileo, Newton, Coulomb, Ampere, Thomson, Michelson, Bohr, and Schrodinger, invalidate Einstein’s relativity which violates not only the two conservation laws of mass but also the principle of relativity deduced from Newton’s laws.
Especially the concept of “mass-energy equivalence” was the biggest error in the history of physics, because Einstein violated the fundamental concept of the potential energy due to interactions. Moreover for the progress of physics you can see my papers in User Kaliambos , according to which laws and experiments invalidate not only Maxwell’s fields moving through a fallacious ether but also Einstein’s incorrect relativity, which led to the crisis of nuclear physics including wrong theories of the so-called Standard Model. [..]



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