by Bill Gaede

Greetings Jocelyne,
Thank you for giving me an opportunity to write in your blog. I will not bore you or your readers with lengthy discourse. I will make it short and sweet so that people can understand the differences between the Galilean/Newtonian/Einsteinian world we have today and the one we propose in exchange. What I will write here is sure to offend many of your readers, but fortunately Science does not care about opinions. Science does not work via democracy. There are no true or proven theories. Therefore, we have to be direct, offend whom it may offend. This letter is available in Word format for those who wish to challenge, debate, insult me or whatever. All feedback welcome. Whether positive,
 negative or zero. I personally practice no censorship, never block visitors or erase comments. I can be reached at the Rational Scientific Method Forum or at my Facebook page:

Article by Bill Gaede: THEM and US


Eine Antwort zu “THEM and US”

  1. Stefan Miller

    sehr interessant, sowohl die Person Bill Gaede als auch seine Ideen. Das kling schon sehr ähnlich wie das was Peter Plichta und Peter Augustin im Laufe ihres Lebens an Ideen zusammengetragen haben. Ich werde mich bestimmt intensiver mit seinen Texten außeinandersetzen.
    Vielen Dank für die Anregung Frau Lopez.

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