The Cosmic Microwave Background – Signature of the Big Bang or Essential Signature of the Earth’s Ocean

von Pierre-Marie Robitaille

The Cosmic Microwave Background – Signature of the Big Bang  or Essential Signature of the Earth’s Ocean
Pierre-Marie Robitaille
EU 2014 – All about Evidence – Albuquerque, 20-24 March 2014

YOUTUBE-VIDEO des Vortrages, veröffentlicht am 25.04.2014


Ever since Penzias and Wilson discovered that the Earth was surrounded by microwave energy, astronomers have been quick to postulate that the apparent ~3K signal represented the signature of the Big Bang. Yet long ago, Gustav Kirchhoff insisted that the setting of temperatures, using the laws of thermal emission, required enclosure. Clearly, the Big Bang can never meet this requirement. In this presentation, it will be demonstrated that the microwave fields, which surround the earth and have excited distant molecules, can be generated by the hydrogen bond within water in the condensed state. A review of the COBE and WMAP will be presented, revealing that the microwave anisotropy maps have no scientific validity. The data lack both signal to noise and reproducibility. Furthermore, the PLANCK satellite findings will be discussed. These data provide unambiguous evidence that powerful microwave fields do not exist at L2. Penzias and Wilson measured water on Earth. The correct assignment of this signal is vital to better understanding our own planet.

Pierre-Marie Robitaille, PhD is a Professor of Radiology at The Ohio State University, with a joint appointment in Chemical Physics. He initially trained as a spectroscopist and has wide ranging knowledge of instrumentation in the radio and microwave bands. A recognized expert in image acquisition and analysis, Professor Robitaille was responsible for doubling the world record in Magnetic Resonance Imaging in 1998. In 2000, he turned his attention to thermodynamics and astrophysics, demonstrating that the universality advanced in Kirchhoff’s Law of Thermal Emission is invalid. He has published extensively on the microwave background, highlighting that this signal arises from water on the Earth and has no relationship to cosmology and has recently published a paper on the Liquid Metallic Hydrogen Solar Model (LMHSM).


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  1. Gerhard Klose

    Da muss ich Pierre-Marie Robitaille recht geben. Die kalte Mikrowellenstrahlung von ca.3 Grad Kelvin kommt nicht von der Nachwirkung eines superheißen Urknalls. Sowas, vor ca.13 Milliarden Jahren kann ich mir bei besten Willen nicht vorstellen. Was war vorher??

    Anderseits kann ich mir auch nicht vorstellen, dass die Strahlung von eiskalten Wassermolekülen als Halo um die Erde kommt.

    Meine Vorstellung hierzu ist: Die ca. 3 Grad Kelvin Strahlung kommt als Grundwechselwirkung vom Medium für die elektromagnetischen ( E/H) Wellen, genannt ÄTHER oder besser nach Menahem Simhony E PO LA ( E fürELektron e-/ PO für Positron e+ / LA für Gitter ),siehe
    Dieser Äther ist, da e- und e+ Masse ergeben, die heute noch gesuchte DUNKLE MATERIE, die das Weltsystem zusammen hält, siehe

    Gerhard Klose, dh5ox@d-klose

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