Overturning Einstein

von David de Hilster

Overturning Einstein
Discover Magazine
USA, 03/2012

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aus seiner Webseite Einstein Wrong:


Now things are getting more interesting!

Checkout this months cover of Discover Magazine: They are turning Einstein upside down. Julian Barbour has been contacted by scientists in our database on this contriversial cover and topic.

Looks like Einstein’s days may be numbered. But remember, the mainstream – they always find a way out of the latest attack on Einstein.

This is a post from the NPA‘s relativity email group. It describes why it is hard to get out of the “stuck on Einstein” syndrome:

David Tombe says:

“There exists no experimental evidence for Einstein’s theories of relativity that can be checked by the ordinary man in the street. People believe in Einstein’s theories of relativity primarily because the authorities are preaching it. They think that if the authorities are preaching it, then it must be right. But at first they find some aspects hard to grasp, such as how do two clocks both go slower than each other? So they ask an expert, or least somebody who the system has caused them to believe is an expert. The expert fobs them off with some pitiful nonsense about non-inertial paths. They are still puzzled, but they realize to their disappointment that no better answers are going to be forthcoming.

So they decide to pretend to believe it on the same par as the expert. In other words, they go into a state of cognitive dissonance, and to boost their own confidence they parrot the bogus explanations to other people, and in doing so it gives them a feeling of superiority. Although they don’t really understand relativity themselves, they think that if the experts can get away with this kind of nonsense line, then so can they. They act like they can fully understand something that they know that nobody could possibly understand, and in doing so they get a kick out of knowing that the other person will be very puzzled. They can then put the puzzled look in check by stating that this is exactly what the authorities are preaching. They put on a brave show of understanding it so well, that if Einstein hadn’t already thought it up, they would have done so themselves as a matter of course, since it’s all really so simple. It’s all about making somebody believe that you fully understand something that you know that nobody could possibly understand. That’s the nature of the game. That’s how the disease is spread.

Hier weiterlesen…

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