Did Einstein Not Understand Math?

von Claes Johnson

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Did Einstein Not Understand Math?

[…] Nobody Understands, Nobody Even Claims to Understand

But relativity theory is very difficult, you say, and my brains are not sharp enough to make it possible to say anything sensible about this subject. Don’t panic, you are in good company, because not even expert physicists claim to understand:

  • Many people probably felt relieved when told that the true nature of the world could not be understood except by Einstein and a few other geniuses who were able to think in four dimensions. They had tried to understand science, but now it was evident that science was something to believe in, not something which should be understood. (Hannes Alfven Physics Nobel Laureate 1970) .
  • The relativity of space and time is a startling conclusion. I have known it for more than 25 year, but even so, whenever I quietly sit and think it through, I am amazed… It is not the depth of mathematics that makes Einstein’s relativity challenging. It is the degree to which the ideas are foreign and apparently inconsistent with our everyday experience. (Brian Greene in the Fabric of Cosmos) .
  • People are applauding me because everybody understands what I say, and you because nobodunderstands what you say. (Chaplin to Einstein) .
  • Why is it that nobody understands me, and everybody likes me? (Einstein in New York Times 1944) .
  • ... the general theory of relativity. The name is repellent. Relativity? I have never been able to understand what the word means in this connection. I used to think that this was my fault, some flaw of my intelligence, but it is now apparent that nobody ever understood it, probably not even Einstein himself. (Synge) .
  • I myself can hardly understand Laue’s book. (Einstein about the first text book on special relativity 1914) .
  • Thus we can sum up: general relativity can not be physical, and physical relativity is not general. (Fock) .
  • Scientific American once ran a competition offering several thousand dollars for the best explanation of Einstein’s general theory of relativity in three thousand words. “I am the only one in my entire circle of friends who is not entering,” Einstein ruefully remarked. “I don’t believe I could do it”. .
  • Einstein, my upset stomach hates your theory [of General Relativity]—it almost hates you yourself! How am I to’ provide for my students? What am I to answer to the philosophers?!! (Paul Ehrenfest) .
  • The general public looked upon relativity as indicative of the seemingly incomprehensible modern era, educated scientists despaired of ever understanding what Einstein had done, and political ideologues used the new theory to exploit public fears and anxieties—all of which opened a rift between science and the broader culture that continues to expand today. (David Cassidy)




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